is a creative Design Studio for prints & patterns and a young label for textile accessories.

The studio, based in the historic city of Augsburg in Germany, was established in 2014 by Designer Christiane Possmayer.

She is specialising in creating exclusive collections of contemporary and innovative prints for the apparel and home industries and various other markets, as well as extraordinary products made of high-quality materials, with love an passion for detail - all this made in Germany, under fair, ecologic and sustainable conditions. That's what PEPPERPRINT® stands for.

Further information on the company philosophy can be found further down this page.

A little bit about me

Hi, I’m Chris. an artist, textile- & surface pattern designer, calligrapher and writer. I am creating artwork for everything that needs to have life and beauty on it, like fabric, apparel, wallpaper, stationery and much more.


My artistic style is vibrant and colorful yet sophisticated, with a hand-made look and a poetic touch. My work is deeply inspired by wonderful nature as well as music, travel, architecture, literature and all the big and small but meaningful things around and the voice within me. I'm working in a multitude of media from pencil, ink, watercolor, gouache, mixed media & collage to digital.


Being creative was the only thing I ever really wanted to do, though it took me several years to finally take the courage to listen to my inner voice, follow my dreams, and start my creative journey as an artist. I took some wrong turns and detours on my way, but - long story short - finally, with some delay, today I have fulfilled my dream and calling of being an artist. I’m honored to being allowed to share my interpretation of life and everything that is through my artistic work with the world.


I am completely self-taught, which I feel makes my own artistic voice and style even stronger and more authentic. If you are interested in the long(er) story behind my journey - you can read it here:  „Short Story Long“


I have also developed an own product line, featuring some of my vibrant and colorful designs, under the label PEPPERPRINT®. With my work and through the very special accessories I'm aiming to bring that extra something into people’s lives and add value to the world. My products embody everything I stand for and believe in. I only use responsible and primarily organic raw materials, and have them produced in a fair trade way. Everything, through to packaging, is made in Germany, in compliance with the highest sustainability, environmental and social standards. I would like to contribute to a better world, by making meaningful products. We can make the world better together. Are you in?


Thank you for being here with me, reading my story. I hope that my heART connects to you, and I would be happy if you’d like to walk some paths of my future journey with me.


"Our planet is our home, our only home.

where should we go to, when we destroy it?"

- Dalai Lama -

This is whyI strive for a responsible handling of the environment with the the realisation of my Ideas. Only if we leave for our planet the ressources he needs, he can continue to give us what we need.


But nonetheless, we don't have to resign the beautiful things in life! As, with the production of my products, I pay particular attention to eco-friendly manufacturing processes and a responsible handling of valuable resources. From the first to the last step, I monitor the origin of all product components. I am manufacturing exclusively in Germany. So I can guarantee an excellent quality that meets my high standards, while ensuring that neither nature nor human beings are exploited. Fair and social working conditions throughout the entire manufacturing process particularly matter to Me.


The same with our latest creation. The loop scarves are not only convincing due to their functionality and their remarkable designs. They are certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, as well as each individual step of the production process, which guarantees that no harmful substances are used. So, they do not only feel amazing, but are also very skin-friendly. The product packaging and shipping package is also 100% Made in Germany and FSC certified. Thus, my products are contributing their little part to a better and more conscious world.






Sustainability means for us:


Taking responsibility for future

generations - ecologic, economic and social.

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