My Creative Journey

My Creative Journey

Today I want to share with you the whole story behind my creative journey, that took me to where and what I am today.


Being creative was the only thing I ever really wanted to do, though it took me some years to finally take the courage to listen to my inner voice, follow my dreams, and start my journey as an artist. I took some wrong turns and detours on my way, and had to overcome some obstacles, but finally, with some delay, today I have fulfilled my calling of being an artist. I am completely self-taught, which I feel makes my own artistic voice and style even stronger and more authentic.


When I was a kid, I’ve been drawing and painting everything around me. My favorite place to be was my grandparent’s giant garden - full of the most colorful flowers, all kinds of plants, and trees, where I’ve spent most of the time, capturing the magic I’ve found there on paper, in between climbing the trees or lying around, looking in the sky daydreaming. Ever since I’ve had a big passion for all of our world’s small and big marvels, the countless colors, forms and patterns found in around me and the divine beauty of nature itself.


Later on, growing up and being soaked into the „serious“ and „responsible“ part of life, where you are expected to do something that guarantees safety and pays the bills. So the passions of my childhood slowly began to fade away. I never considered that being an artist for a living was a real opportunity for me. So I listened once more to the voices from outside. I’ve been studying foreign language correspondence and then been working as a management assistant in an office. With the years I’ve felt more and more stuck, empty and unfulfilled. I felt that I was wasting my time, and that I had to stop doing what I did, although I didn’t knew immediately what I wanted to do instead, only that it had to do something that mattered - to me and the world - something that makes a difference and makes me happy. And I also knew that, by all means, it had to be something creative.


Fortunately the passion inside me never died, instead it turned into this very strong longing for something deeper, which at first I wasn’t able to define. But my calling kept coming back into my mind. I always felt magically drawn to all art-related stuff, may it be artists and their work, art exhibitions, books or poems. And strolling through art supplies stores and libraries, which I could do for hours, always made my heart sing. Reading and understanding all these signs over the time, I suddenly KNEW what I HAD to do!


I finally realized that, expressing my thoughts, inner voice and creativity through my art and words was my true calling. At that point - back in 2015 - I’ve made the decision to follow this calling. I’ve reduced my job to part-time. I’ve started drawing and painting again, improving my art skills, learning to work with digital design software and techniques and teaching myself everything I needed to know about the industry, marketing, etc. All this involved a lot of discipline, time, dedication, patience and sometimes even sweat and tears, but in the end this journey took me back to my genuine roots and where I am today.


I knew that being completely self-taught would take an extra amount of effort to gain acceptance and deprivation out there, and I’m still struggling a little bit with that, but it was definitely worth it as now I am where I’ve always wanted to be.

Today I am working as a full-time freelance artist, designer and writer and finally living my dream. I am honored to being allowed to share my interpretation of the beautiful magic of nature and everything that is through my artistic work with the world and with you.


Thank you for being here, reading my story!


xxx Chris

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