This is PEPPERPRINT® - A Creative Print Design Studio

Christiane Possmayer

Textile Designer & Founder of Pepperprint Creations

PEPPERPRINT ® Creations is a Print Design Studio, based in the historic city of  Augsburg in Germany. It was established in 2014 by surface pattern and textile designer Christiane Possmayer.


The studio is specialising in creating collections of exclusive contemporary artwork for the apparel and home industries, suitable for all markets, from luxury fashion to small labels.


Christiane Possmayer, who is producing the entire design output of the studio, is creating unique, colourful and innovative designs,  incorporating a great diversity of styles.


I have also developed an own product line, featuring some of the studio’s most vibrant and colourful designs. With these very special accessories for fashion, home and lifestyle I aim to bring that extra something into people’s lives and add value to the world.


My products embody everything I stand for and believe in. I only use responsible and primarily organic raw materials for my collections, and have them produced in a fair trade way. All of my products, through to packaging, are made in Germany, in compliance with the highest sustainability, environmental and social standards.


I would like to contribute to a better world, by making meaningful products. We can make the world better together. Are you in?